MOREL - Secret Vessel

Producer: Master Korabel

Code: MK0203

MOREL - Secret Vessel

Yefim Nikonov’s “Secret Vessel” “MOREL”, 1:36 Scale



Scale: 1/35

length: 220mm, width: 140mm, height: 130mm



Price: 99 € incl. VAT



An intersting model of the unique prototype – the first Russian naval submarine.
The reconstruction was done following the archive documents (no drawings remained till our days). A rather simple kit, well suited for beginners and experienced model builders alike.

Short historical reference

In the end of 1718, the Russian Emperor Peter I received a humble petition from Efim Nikonov, the son of Prokofiy. Efim was an uneducated carpenter, working at a shipyard. In that petition, Efim promised to build a sample vessel, which would sink ships during the calm weather. There was no answer from the Emperor, but that unique document is still intact in the Russian Navy State Archive.

In 1719 E. Nikonov applied another petition, where he delated, that he could build another vessel





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